Quail Salad
Quail Eggs
A premium cool climate quail sourced from the pristine Coal River Valley. We produce butterfly boned, whole, hot smoked and quail eggs.

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, every day is a dedication to quality while ensuring eco-friendly practices. Rannoch Quail is proudly a 100% Tasmanian family owned and operated business. Experience the distinct flavour of nature’s best with every bite.


Quail Eggs



 Whole, Boned & Hot Smoked

 Pet Food

Dishes only limited by your imagination

Quail Saute

Quails provide a unique way to prepare mouth-watering dishes for both entrees and main courses.

Easy to cook, exquisite flavour and beautiful presentation.

For a perfect meal – sautee, bake, grill or BBQ, use the eggs in a salad.


Grilled with raspberry vinegar & berries

BBQ with spiced cherry compote

Sauteed with mushrooms & thyme

BBQ in a soy and ginger marinade

Spiced quail with cinnamon & nutmeg

Rannoch Quail

Smoked with  a Caesar salad

Rannoch Quail

Truffle honey glazed & cauliflower couscous

Rannoch Quail

Marinated in gourmet Cumberland sauce

Rannoch Quail

Roasted with crisp curry leaves

Rannoch Quail

Grilled butterflied quail

Rannoch Quail



Dehyrated Pieces

Dehydrated Wings

Dehydrated Backbones

Dehydrated Half



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